Whether you wish to work in hospitals, long term care facilities, schools, government agencies, private organizations and in clients’ homes, NCNA prepares you to be the best you can be in your career.

NCNA, as an institution, directs students to succeed with the focus of teaching the values of the Health Care Profession. We believe that the health care profession is not all about the opportunities and compensation. It is about caring for people. Caring encompasses empathy for and connection with people. It is about upholding human dignity, integrity, autonomy, altruism, and social justice.

Who We Are

Northern California Nursing Academy is formed by experienced educators, who are at the same time, practicing professionals in the healthcare industry.

We are an organization that recognizes our vital role in the healthcare system of our nation. We provide the preparation for individuals in becoming well equipped and competent to take on responsibilities related to the Health Care Industry.

Our educators have over 30 years of experience in their respective professions as Licensed Vocational Nurses, Registered Nurses and Medical Doctors.

We are all brought together by one value: Passion to Teach and Educate


Northern California Nursing Academy aims to provide high quality education that will prepare students to obtain a successful and stable career in the healthcare industry. We will utilize an honest and focused approach in our method of instruction as well as how we perform as an institution.

We will ensure that our students are well equipped in passing certification examinations and obtain employments after completion of their courses.

We will continuously develop our programs to reflect current information and with rules and regulations mandated by government agencies.

We will uphold our passion for educating students as we share our knowledge and success from our experience as professionals in the healthcare industry.


Northern California Nursing Academy aims to be recognized as the premier provider of quality Health Care Education in the State and in the Western Region. This will be achieved by expansion of healthcare programs and establishing school sites in various cities in California and the surrounding States.

We aspire to be identified as a source of talent by hospitals, long term care facilities, assisted living sites and private organizations. We will partner with institutions that will provide invaluable experience to our students, consequently making them highly proficient in their positions.

We want to be the best on what we do while we do what is best for our students.