When deciding between bringing an in home caregiver or a home health aide into your home to help care for your loved one, you need to determine the type of caregiver that is the best fit for your family’s needs.

CAREGIVER has been trained to help with the everyday activities of daily living. Their focus will be on providing services such as cooking, light housekeeping, transportation, and above all, companionship. Our caregivers are there to make your loved one comfortable and able to remain in their own home despite their limitations. They are also there to form bonds and friendship and your loved one should trust and look forward to their caregivers visit.

Services provided by caregiver may include:

  • Meal preparation
  • House cleaning
  • Helping dressing, bathing and grooming
  • Transportation
  • Reminders to take medicine
  • Help with bill paying


A HOME HEALTH AIDE has medical training. Our companions are not nurses and therefore cannot perform medical duties. When home health care is necessary you should consider hiring a licensed home health aide, therapist, or nurse to perform your medical care, follow up with your doctor, and prescribe medications when necessary.

Home health aide services include:

  • Therapy and skilled nursing services
  • Administration of medications, including injections
  • Medical tests
  • Monitoring of health status
  •  Wound care


While these two services are commonly incorrectly interchanged, one very common idea that is overlooked is that these services can actually be combined. Just because there is a need for home health care does not mean there is not a need for a non-medical care service and vice versa. They can exist and work together to ensure the best care for your loved one.