Believe. Train. Succeed.

Northern California Nursing Academy has a mission to provide premium education to individuals wanting to enter and succeed in the health care industry. We uphold the values of commitment, honesty, dedication, focus and excellence in our institution.

We pride ourselves with a team of professionals, who are committed in educating our students. We take our role seriously as we provide the starting point for future Nurses, Medical Assistants, Technicians, Healthcare Specialists, Administrators, Leaders in Health Agencies, Medical Doctors, Healthcare Entrepreneurs and so on. We believe that we give our students a solid foundation for their future.

We are the premier provider of the Hemodialysis Technician Training in the SF Bay Area.

We are one of the few chosen schools in the Northern California Region to test future Certified Nursing Assistants.

We are known by Long Term Care Facilities, Assisted Living Communities and Hospitals in the region to produce knowledgeable and highly skilled CNAs.

Our NCLEX Review program is designed to be the most intensive and comprehensive program, which comprise of 3-Phases of instructions with more than 100 hours of review.

Our Allied Health Programs are designed towards National Certification after completion.

Our Hemodialysis Program


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    Posted on April 3, 2017