Demand for pharmacy jobs has been high for more than two decades, and it is only expected to continue this growth. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians dispense medications to patients after being prescribed by physicians, and they provide patients with ongoing support while their medications are being taken. As would be expected, most pharmacy jobs are in pharmacies and drug stores. However, a growing number of companies, including grocery stores and department stores, have incorporated pharmacies into their business models.

With so many medications available to people in the United States, men and women are living longer than ever before.  Not only does that increase the overall population of people taking medications, the older population typically takes more medications as age factors into disease susceptibility.  Drug companies are constantly researching, developing, and distributing new and improved drugs and treatments to meet the growing medical needs of the population.  An increase in medication demand results in an increase for pharmacy professionals.

If you want to advance as a pharmacy technician, there are plenty of opportunities that come with experience and additional training. For example:

  • In a hospital setting, you might learn to compound chemotherapy medications, specialize in inventory management, or do other in-depth medical or administrative tasks of the pharmacy department.
  • Nuclear pharmacy that requires handling and preparing radioactive medications offers you a career direction that requires additional training and certification.
  • Private industry pharmaceutical companies may hire you as a drug representative, while medical equipment companies might hire you to install, maintain, or troubleshoot equipment such as medication dispensers or train end-users.
  • You may even find the training useful in helping you decide to become a degreed pharmacist.

The pharmaceutical industry is growing and highly skilled pharmacy technicians are in demand.  The senior population will continue to increase in the U.S. as medical advances cause life expectancy to rise.  Study and work hard to possess advanced knowledge and skills to play an integral role in the health care industry.

In short, the role of pharmacy technicians is increasingly valued and deemed necessary due to the aging population, advancements in pharmaceutical treatments and an expanding emphasis on patient care.