Are you ready to return to nursing after some time away, but feel you need to brush up on your skills before treating patients again? Many registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are finding the education and support they need to reenter nursing by enrolling in a refresher program.

Nursing refresher course is designed to enable students to draw on the nurse’s previous nursing experience and qualifications and to build on that by providing an introduction to the contemporary requirements of the current day nurse. This includes a nurse who demonstrates professional practice, critical thinking and analysis, provision and coordination of care and collaborative and therapeutic practice.

This course is designed to meet the needs of nurses who wish to return to active practice, or reactivate a license, but who do not have access to, or cannot attend formal classes. Through self-study, RN’s can update their knowledge to meet the requirements of a nursing board or simply acquire a degree of confidence and security before employment.


  • The nurse who became an RN but never worked in nursing
  • The nurse who took a break from nursing and wishes to return to the field
  • Foreign graduates preparing for licensure exam
  • Advanced Practice nurses reentering workforce
  • Nurses changing specialties or careers
  • Administrators or others desiring to update their clinical knowledge
  • The nurse who has a nursing license that has lapsed or expired

Get up-to-date on nursing theory and practice. The nursing refresher program is designed for those individuals who do not meet currency of practice requirements as a registered nurse, which means they have worked fewer than 1125 hours in the past five practice years. Are you ready for a refresh?