So now that you’re in, you’ve not only got to stay there, you’ve got to excel. It’s not enough to be good enough, you have to stand out.

First day, make sure to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Dress sharp, look them in the eye and learn names. If someone’s having trouble with your name, just let them know. The more your name is around, the more people think about you. Drop it around. Reintroduce yourself. This gets people remembering you more and more. Instead of just showing up the first day, unprepared, reach out. There may be a project you can begin to work on, start to research or skills you may be able to brush up on.

Negotiate your needs in terms of hours, learning goals and pay (if applicable) before you even begin your internship so you’re on that same page with your employer.

Talk to everyone that works at the company – both in and out of your department. Making connections is vital to networking and you never know who knows someone.

Once your daily task list is complete, don’t just sit around or goof off! Ask for more projects – what else can you can do to serve the needs of the company? Showing that you have completed tasks is great. Showing that you’re ready to tackle more is even better

Rather than “acting like an intern” and merely taking tasks given to you, completing them and calling it a day, work on them like it’s your actual job. Treat your internship like it’s your permanent job and you’re part of the team. After all, for the time you are working there, you are a part of the team.

As simple or mundane internship tasks can be, they all serve a purpose. Everyone must pay dues and start out somewhere. Take on tasks, no matter how small, with pride and diligence and avoid complaints at all costs.

Your employers will notice if you take work seriously and do your work well and, most likely, the smaller tasks will lead to larger ones.

It makes sense: if your boss can’t trust you to make the coffee right, how could they trust you with a huge project task? So, as a rule, take on all tasks seriously and perform them well. You will be moving up the ladder in no time!