Why Choose NCNA?


Northern California Nursing Academy is committed to provide the highest quality of healthcare education, as we recognize our responsibility to be a source of competent healthcare workers for our nation.

We uphold a service oriented and welcoming atmosphere in our school, which are shown through:

  • accommodating students with full time jobs and other responsibilities
  • making ourselves available for questions outside of our normal business hours
  • offering National Certification (through outside organizations) after graduation*
  • encouraging extra time for preparation before certification examinations
  • making faculty available for one-on-one tutoring, if necessary
  • offering make-up classes
  • allowing flexible payment options
  • assisting in job search after graduation

* NCNA has teamed up with National Certifying Agencies for most of our Programs

Student Services


Library and Learning Resources


Northern California Nursing Academy understands that learning doesn’t end when class does. From skills workshop and one-on-one tutoring, we offer a wealth of services and facilities to help students in and out of the classroom. For example:


The school carries numerous resources for all students, staff and faculty. Books, CDs, DVDs, periodicals and handouts are available.

Learning and Assessment Services

Learning and Assessment Services offers resources and services to support student learning and success, teaching, instruction, course support through exam grading, and consultation for program evaluation and assessment needs.

Learning Support Services

Among the resources available are tutoring, skill demonstration, and clinical practice workshops.



Northern California Nursing Academy does not assume responsibility to provide or offer housing facilities for students. There are various available rental properties surrounding Daly City, CA. According to www.rentals.com, rent starts at $1,000/month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Safety and Privacy


The building is closely monitored by surveillance cameras. Emergency call numbers are located in the school, and emergency equipment are located along corridors of the building. NCNA encourages all students to report any suspicious activity that occurs in the campus.

Career Services


Northern California Nursing Academy prepares students to gain the skills required to obtain employment. Northern California Nursing Academy provides employment assistance to graduates through referrals to long term care facilities, hospitals and healthcare agencies. NCNA makes available application forms from prospective employers to students. The school provides resume and cover letter writing services. NCNA makes the best effort to assist students in gaining employment, although the school does not guarantee that students will be hired immediately.