Student Feedback

“NCNA is a good school. They will nurture you with the knowledge and they will provide all the support that you need in order to succeed”

“As for me, this is a good school. Payment plan is allowed and it was easy for me. I was able to balance my budget. Good time and date that I was able to balance my time and effort. I will try my best to pass the exam! “

“NCNA has definitely opened my eyes to a variety of skills that I can apply to whatever healthcare field I will enter. It is a great program to enter in if you need some kind of foundation skills.”

“NCNA is a very diverse and respectful community.”

“NCNA is an amazing school to learn the skills to be a CNA. They are extremely patient and will work one on one if needed.”

“It is a good price and they let you practice after class is over”

“NCNA is great and has low tuition fees”

“One of the best programs (CNA) out there!”

“Thank you for all the love and support”

“The NCNA Team is very cooperative and the course content provided is very helpful” (referring to the NCLEX Review)

“The teachers are great!” (referring to the Hemodialysis Training Program)

“Pursuing your career here will make you satisfied”

“It is an excellent school and how the staff all the time is helping us achieve our goals in the CNA program”

“Honestly, I was very surprised about how great our teachers were. You could tell they really cared and really wanted to help us succeed. Ms. Ana and Ms. Noemi were very organized and extremely helpful”

“NCNA has very good programs/courses. They have flexible time and are affordable”


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