About NCNA

Northern California Nursing Academy is located in the heart of San Francisco Bay Area, where health care workers are on high demand. We work together with hospitals, long term care facilities, pharmacies and health care agencies to provide high quality training to our students and be to source of future employees.

We were established in 2010 by experienced educators, who are at the same time, practicing professionals in the health care industry.

We are an organization that recognizes our vital role in the healthcare system of our community. We provide the preparation for individuals in becoming well equipped and competent to become future nurses, technicians, doctors and other health care professionals.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  • COMPETENCE - For students to be knowledgeable and proficient as they become future health care workers.
  • COMMITMENT - For students to understand and embody the duties and responsibilities of a health care worker in caring for the sick and elderly.
  • COMPASSION - For students to exhibit empathy while ensuring dignity of patients while in their care.
  • CONFIDENCE - For students to believe that each of them can make a difference in the life of others.

We strive to teach the 4 Cs to our students in each of the programs and brought together by our passion for education.